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DDOS and Powder Room in a Box

As you may be keenly aware, LiveJournal has been geting smacked by DDOS attacks, which has resulted in *me* not being able to post for a few days. I do apologize, and hope this posting goes through.


In my newly discovered spare time due to the aforementioned attacks (lol), I've been snooping around on Amazon, looking at the latest and greatest in camping gear. One item that really piqued my interest is this hygiene kit with an attached sink. Reading the reviews, I'm guessing it all but needs to go back to the drawing board, but the product idea itself is solid. Being able to brush one's teeth/wash hands/shave at the campsite, rather than trucking over to the public bathroom would be rather nice. And for those who set up their own solar showers, well there ya go! Powder Room in a Box!

With a scrap piece of paper, I was toying with a redesign that would incorporate my current bathroom kit, looking more like a jewelry box. The top would open up, revealing a large mirror in the center, with mesh compartments for razors and toothbrushes. I'm thinking the top should also slide back a bit, which would allow a fold-down shelf for things like dental floss, nail clippers and tweezers. (Or make-up.)

Below that would be the standard "medicine cabinet" bathroom kit already in use. But, sliding out below that would be the sink, with a rinse cup and coiled hose tucked away when not in use. And, on either side would be a fold-down bar. That could be used for a small towel or wash cloth, but with one side open for hanging a drying scrubbie.

Yes, I do think I can tinker with my current bathroom kit to do this. :) What do you think?
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In the black!!!

OMG - as of this morning, all of my investments have been recouped! That was REALLY fast! I now have $5.20 toward the "Send Lori to Camp!" fund. ;)

To be honest though, I'm just so happy people are digging it! :) I've never been in this for the money or for any kind of recognition. If I was, I would have taken down all the articles (they're mostly FL but still readily available) and hit up a bunch of publishers. I don't care about that. But seeing that in only a month I've recouped every last penny I've put into it says to me there is indeed a demand. I'm hoping it inspires more books on the subject, but more importantly, more new faces show up at the fests - even people like me. ;)

So yes, THANK YOU once again for backing me on this. I really do appreciate it. I love you, man!
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Off today

It's one of those *there is no way in Hell I am going to make it in to work today* days, so I'm taking it easy at home. I hate not getting enough sleep because of this shit.

Meh. I got some tweaking done on my various book profile pages between naps last night, and I listened to the podcast with Selena Fox while doing so. It totally got me in the mood for going to PSG this year. In fact, during one of my many micro-naps afterward, I was dreaming about waking up in my tent and seeing the sun rising through the screen. Very vivid and colorful - just the way I've seen it a thousand times in a thousand locations. People say we don't dream in color, but I beg to differ! I even felt the morning chill. It's too bad it didn't last. Ah well, camping season is right around the corner. Perhaps I can get away in a few weeks.

Well, off for another nap. Maybe I can get back to where I left off. :)
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This has been an exciting week!

Wow! What an exciting week! A couple interviews have been done to help promote the book, including the one on Pagans Tonight which is now archived. That was scary for me at first, as I'm used to being the middle man on interviews instead of being the one talked to, but they're a lot of fun! Also, quite a few bookstores are picking up copies for sale, so that's just awesome. :)

I've been making lots of new friends in this venture (real friends, not just online acquaintances), so I definitely have my Muse to thank for that. If She hadn't been so insistent in telling me I could do this, I really would have been content with just posting little tidbits here and there as they came to me. I love people of all kinds, especially the little ones (not like that! Jeez!), and there simply is no better way to get to know people than by face to face interaction. And, you really get to know how they tick when you're working with them - be it with just the mundane stuff or via religious workings. So what better way than to combine the two? :)

But the best thing is, which has been my goal all along, is that more newcomers are really gigged on doing this temporary community building thing and are reserving part of their vacation time off work to do so. Sometimes, getting Pagans of all colors to get together is akin to herding cats, which is no easy task by any stretch. So I feel so friggin honored and yes, stoked as the kids say, to be having a small part in that.

So yeah, I really do appreciate all the love and support I've been getting on this. Thank you! I try not to use the word "project", because that seems too... I don't know... general? Demeaning, even? It's definitely a labor of love, and I'm glad to see it's been appreciated. And what's more, it's opened me up to a whole slew of new ideas and has broadened my spirituality in my mundane day to day. It amazes me how so much can be inter-connected.