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Last call for PSG!

Well everyone, it's Pagan festival season, so it's time to start digging through your gear and figuring out what you need! If you haven't already, be sure to look over my list and compare it to what the fest's site recommends and what you personally know you're going to want to bring. And if you're just visiting, consider friending me, because it unlocks a great deal of my original, unedited tips and tricks for my book, A Guide to Pagan Camping: Festival Tips, Tricks and Trappings. (If you're a big Amazon user, you can get it here, including for Kindle.)

In just a few days (June 4th), they're wrapping up the registrations for Pagan Spirit Gathering. So if you want to go but have been putting it off, now is the time to get that taken care of! I unfortunately will only be able to make it the final weekend, as both my jobs won't allow me more than a day off at this time of year. Boo! But I WILL be there, in the Media Camp, and I'll also be doing a workshop - A Glance into Camp Kitchen Witchery. This is going to be a live cooking show told through story, so be sure to bring a bowl and spoon so you can have at some of the goodness prepared! I'm guessing there will be quite a few people attending, since hey, it's free food, so get a spot early. ;)

Now if there's still a few things on your list you need, figure out what that is and jump online for some deals. Even if you're not into the whole shipping thing due to worrying your stuff will arrive, you can still get deals online by visiting printable coupon sites like and Target. Right now, there is a 15% of a Coleman product on Target's coupon area in the Sporting Goods section. (Oh and ladies, they have Merona item coupons as well!) And, because online coupon sites reload at the beginning of each month, I'm in the middle of printing out all my goodies for stuff like batteries, insect repellent, pancake mix, oatmeal and whatnot. What I don't have and can't get a deal for, I hit the flea markets, thrift stores and my friends (lol).

I've been actually doing incredibly well with super couponing (including having a binder like the people on Extreme Couponing), but I have no intention of becoming extreme. Since I've started over a month ago, we've seen our grocery receipts repeatedly reflect at least 55% savings, all without sacrificing on healthy foods or hoarding toilet paper under the bed. (I'm talking steel cut oatmeal, fresh fruits and veggies, yogurt, cereal, good coffee and herbal tea - and even stuff like brown mustard. Good stuff!)

In fact, I've been doing so well I've started a charity for our troops overseas. If you'd like the skinny on that, check out the posting here. It's a very easy and low-cost way to give back to the folks who sacrifice so much - including their families. Not to mention, you're sure to come across some deals you'll want to keep for your family, so it's a total win-win! If you find couponing intimidating, confusing, takes too much time or is in general a total PITA, visit this site to knock those fears out of you. (The lady writes for places like the Wall Street Journal, so yeah - she's hip to financial savviness, and she does it ethcally.)

So, I just wanted to put out that last call notice, get you ready for that fest and many more, and in these hard financial times, help you help yourselves. And if you're going to PSG - find me in the Media Camp and attend my workshop. I'd love to start putting faces to names! :D
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