pagan_camping (pagan_camping) wrote,

Most useful gear?

So, do tell: What items do you feel are the most useful/biggest bang for your buck camping items you own? I obviously have an extensive list, but I'm really curious what it is you have you absolutely will not do without.

I'll get the ball rolling with a gimme - my tent.

Tents come and go, so I won't list a particular name brand, but for me, it has to fit these requirements when it comes to anything more than a couple nights:

- Adult can stand upright inside (minimum 6'/72" center height)
- Sleeps a minimum 5-6, which = 2-3 adults comfortably (always divide by 2!)
- Comprised of nylon (canvas tents are sturdier but more expensive, and they require more care and tend to end up smelling musty anyway)
- Has at least two rooms, with separate doors and a divider
- Isn't an eyesore (primarily due to a clashing color scheme)
- Is relatively easy for even a novice to construct the first time (meaning I can set it up quickly, even in the dark and during a downpour)
- Not camouflaged (I like to be able to find it at night, even at the risk of others finding me)

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