June 22nd, 2011

campfire, cooking

Going to PSG on Friday!

Just a little over a day left to go before I hit the road for PSG. I still wish I could have been able to go for the whole week, but a weekend is better than nothing :) I have three large loaves of bread finishing the first rise now for my workshop there (A Glance into Camp Kitchen Witchery), seasoned three different ways - garlic and basil, sage and parsley, and oregano and rosemary. Ron said while I was switching off hand-kneading each one the kitchen smelled like a Subway. LOL hehehe. Since he likes the scent of Subway when they're baking bread, that's a compliment. ;)

The soup I'll be preparing, as is the bread, will be vegan. There is wheat involved, as well as a lot of different veggies, herbs and spices, so there may be a few folks who won't be able to partake. But there are no tree nuts or peanuts involved, so that might spare a few folks. :) I guess ya can't please 'em all! So, anyone who's interested in attending my workshop and would like to have some of what I make should bring a bowl and spoon.

Anyway, I have to just get through work tomorrow, finish the grocery shopping for the workshop (and myself!) then struggle to get some sleep. Ron and I have been making the week pass by quicker by taking on a big task of painting our bedroom. The walls are red, the trim is a dark charcoal, and the ceiling is being left white, with the hardwood floors. I've always wanted to do this, and fortunately, Ron loves those colors as well, so we're both extremely happy! We've been camping out in the living room since Monday night, and tomorrow is the final tape peeling, so we'll finally get to break in our new romantic bedroom! :)

So anyway, see everyone Friday morning!! I'm so very excited to see everyone there!