March 31st, 2011

campfire, cooking

Off today

It's one of those *there is no way in Hell I am going to make it in to work today* days, so I'm taking it easy at home. I hate not getting enough sleep because of this shit.

Meh. I got some tweaking done on my various book profile pages between naps last night, and I listened to the podcast with Selena Fox while doing so. It totally got me in the mood for going to PSG this year. In fact, during one of my many micro-naps afterward, I was dreaming about waking up in my tent and seeing the sun rising through the screen. Very vivid and colorful - just the way I've seen it a thousand times in a thousand locations. People say we don't dream in color, but I beg to differ! I even felt the morning chill. It's too bad it didn't last. Ah well, camping season is right around the corner. Perhaps I can get away in a few weeks.

Well, off for another nap. Maybe I can get back to where I left off. :)